My great experience with HVAC

new-house-needed-tlcAs a recently graduated student, working for less than I deserve, I still wanted to live out the American dream. I wanted to have a big and beautiful home on a huge plot of land, but for me, getting that home had to come with a price that was not so high. In other words, I was looking for a fixer upper, and I found one! It had a great look to it but it did need some heavy elbow grease to fix it up just right. Some of the down points were that it had really old plumbing, no air conditioning, and a bigger bug problem than the Florida landfills. So, when summer came around, dealing with bad plumbing and a bug problem with much more disgusting when you’re stuck in the stinkin’ hot air. I was really concerned, while it is a huge necessity, I know air conditioners come at a price, and that, as I mentioned already, was something I did not have much of. Regardless, I saw advertising for a Phoenix air conditioning consultation, and I called up after a couple days of apprehension.

Luckily, I was able to get a technician out quickly. He did find that he was able to fix my current unit, which made me drop and praise the Lord, but the fix was going to come at a bit of a cost itself. He assured me that he could fix it, and showed me where to order the parts he needed at a lower cost to help reduce the blow. When the parts came in, he came over to do some air conditioning repair work and make my fixer upper a less miserable task for me. He was truly kind and praised me for taking on such a lofty job. He was able to get my air conditioning working back on point after a couple days of serious work, and soon me and my baby roaches were sittin’ in the lap of luxury! Little did they know that they were next on my to-do list.
When the air conked out on me, I was terrified to find that I would need to replace my unit completely. Thankfully hvac was able to help me fix my current unit, and helped me do it at a low cost. It is truly appreciated, and I will always recommend hvac to my family and friends.